List of available commands

Channel Commands

@standbot setup Create a stand-up for your channel. Set time and peridiocity.
@standbot info See stand-up's details.
@standbot status Get a status report of the team.
@standbot status @username See a team member's status.
@standbot blockers Find out if your team has any blockers.
@standbot blockers @username Check if specific participants have impediments.
@standbot skip @username Skip yourself or a teammate from the stand-up.
@standbot unskip @username Disable a teammate’s skip mode.
@standbot end-standup Delete your recurring stand-up.
nevermind Stop an ongoing conversation with Stand-bot.

Direct Message Commands

standup Give Stand-bot your status.
status See your team's status report.
edit Make changes to your sent status.
delete Remove your sent status for the day.
connect-jira Link Slack workspace to Jira.
connect-jira-user Authenticate your Jira credentials.
nevermind Stop an ongoing conversation with Stand-bot.
Your team always in sync
standbot jira
  • Simultaneous connection to multiple Jira projects
  • Personalized timezones
  • Addition of Jira issues to status
  • History of stand-up reports within Jira projects
  • Custom stand-up questions (Coming soon)